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The Jodo Shinshu Center is a locus for Shin Buddhist education, community, and outreach located in the midst of downtown Berkeley. Established in 2006 by the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) in an effort to create a 21st Century Center for Buddhist education in America, the Center offers a variety of facilities and programming for explorers and practitioners of Shin Buddhism. The Center also houses the Institute for Buddhist Studies, a fully accredited graduate school providing advanced training in Shin Buddhist Studies.

Tradition & Practice
Pure Land
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Practice and Meditation

As one of the leading centers for Shin Buddhist studies in the United States, the Jodo Shinshu Center offers a broad scope of programs appealing to the diverse spectrum of Buddhist spirituality present in the Bay Area: 

  • The Institute for Buddhist Studies: This is a preeminent center for Shin Buddhist studies in the United States, and offers a number of accredited degree programs. Students at the Institute can also explore other religious traditions through the Institute’s affiliation with the Graduate Theological Union.
  • The Center for Buddhist Education: With a focus on community education, the Center offers trainings for Temple Leadership and other lay leadership positions as well as retreats for young adults. The center also offers a number of online seminars on topics such as diversity and wellness.
  • Conferences and Lodging: Dorm style lodging and meeting spaces are also available for conferences and other gatherings. 
  • Bookstore and cultural center: The Center also houses a bookstore with an extensive selection of texts from across the Buddhist tradition. Japanese speakers and students can also access support and educational programs at the center.

The Place

The Jodo Shinshu Center’s location in Berkeley goes hand in hand with its mission to provide serious academic offerings and training in Shin Buddhism. Housed in a spacious and elegant modern building just blocks away from UC Berkeley, the center offers a number of community spaces as well as a bookstore. Lodging and meeting spaces are also available for conferences. Those traveling to the center can find parking on Durant Ave, walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART station, or arrive via one of Berkeley’s many bus lines.

Lineage and

Jodo Shinshu also known as Shin Buddhism means “Pureland”. It was founded by Shinran Shonin (1173 – 1263) who was a monk at Tendai temple on Mount Hiei for 20 years. The Pureland is not a literal place but a state of existence that is free of ego and selfish desires. The monk was one of the most devout and dedicated followers  but left in persuit of something different as he was not closer to discovering the meaning of life that he sought. Shinran taught that we truly understand when we let go of our ego that leads us to live a life of gratitude for what is.


Durant Ave
United States

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