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Mt Baldy
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The Mt. Baldy Zen Center (MBZC) is a Rinzai Zen Monastery located near Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Mountains. Founded in 1971 by Kyozan Joshu Sasaki, the center has become a well-known retreat center for Buddhist Rinzai Zen. The monastery regularly offers various meditation retreats and introductory courses in Rinzai Zen. The center belongs to the Rinzai-ji lineage.

Tradition & Practice
Kind of Place

Practice and Meditation

In this center, Rinzai Zen is practiced. Dates for the various offers can be found on the website.

  • Introductions to the Buddhist path of Rinzai Zen take place on Saturdays. These include a camp tour, lunch and meditation instruction.
  • Every Saturday there are online Zen meditations with chanting, zazen and a recorded teisho by Jōshū Sasaki Rōshi. Costs are $ 10 to $ 25 and the zoom link is on the MBZC website.
  • Zazenkai is a 1 to 3 day Zen retreat offered by the Zen center. It consists of sitting and walking meditation, silent meals, group discussions and Dharma talks held by monks.
  • Sesshin is a longer 5 to 7 day rinzai zen intensive. These are currently run by the monk Shunan Noritake Roshi.

The Place

Das Mt. Baldy Zen Center (MBZC) liegt in den San Gabriel Mountains auf 4.5 Acres. Im wunderschönen Tal sind mehrere Hölzerne und Steinerne Gebäude verteilt. Diese können auch für Events angemietet werden. Bevor Kyozan Joshu Sasaki das Kloster in 1971 gründete war das Gelände ein Boy Scout Camp. Auf 2000 Metern über dem Meer gelegen bietet das Kloster tief verschneite winter und Wüstenklima im Sommer. Bekannt wurde das Zen Center als Leonard Cohen der community 1994 beitrat.

Lineage and

This center belongs to the Rinzai-ji order and is one of many Zen centers of the lineage in Europe and the USA. The Organization was founded by Zen Monk Jōshū Sasaki Rōshi the lineage follows the Rinzai Zen tradition. He came from Japan in 1962, when a group of spiritual seekers in Los Angeles asked Myoshin-ji, Japan’s biggest Rinzai school, to send a meditation teacher. Today's centers of the organization include the Rinzai-Ji Zen Center in Los Angeles, the Mt.Baldy Zen Center (MBZC), and the Bodhi Mandy Zen Center in New Mexico.

Contact 909-985-6410
7901 Mt Baldy Rd
Mt Baldy
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