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The Buddhist Church of Sacramento is a community that supports and nurtures the teachings of Jodo Shinshu. The community supports affiliated organizations by providing a place to meet and host programs to Sangha members. Jodo Shinshu was founded by Shinran Shonin who was a monk at Tendai temple on Mount Hiei. Shinran taught that there are various ways to reach enlightenment and explained that it is not required to follow a strict path of discipline and study. This path allows us to come into a state of existence that is free of ego and selfish desires.

Tradition & Practice
Middle Path
Kind of Place

Practice and Meditation

The Buddhist Church of Sacramento teach about following the Middle Path and organize Dharma School Classes for those who want to learn more about the Dharma. Following the service a discussion session is held about a Buddhist topic or writing presented which is then discussed with the instructor. The sessions are smaller and informal and everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Sutra Chanting
  • Dharma Talks

The Place

First time visitors will be greeted by “Temple Greeters” to help you get settled and familiar with the place. There aren’t too many rituals that you have to be familiar with, so new joiners don't need to worry about making any mistakes. At the Temple, a discussion session is held and people are free to ask any questions after the session.  

Lineage and

Jodo Shinshu also known as Shin Buddhism means “Pureland”. It was founded by Shinran Shonin (1173 – 1263) who was a monk at Tendai temple on Mount Hiei for 20 years. The Pureland is not a literal place but a state of existence that is free of ego and selfish desires. The monk was one of the most devout and dedicated followers  but left in persuit of something different as he was not closer to discovering the meaning of life that he sought. Shinran taught that we truly understand when we let go of our ego that leads us to live a life of gratitude for what is.


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