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The San Jose Insight Meditation Sangha is a group of people who gather together to learn and deepen their Vipassana mindfulness practice. The ultimate objective of practicing mindfulness is to end our suffering and unfold unconditioned and complete freedom from the mind. This group focuses on mindfulness meditation where they focus their attention on their breath and letting the breath bring them to the present moment which is the only moment there is.

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Practice and Meditation

Vipassana is a mindful meditation practice that cultivates a way of seeing things as they truly are without judgement. It initially started in Asia by the Buddha and has been practiced for over 2500 years. During Vipassana, the attention is focused on the breath without trying to control it. This allows the breath to bring us to the present moment where we can relax and learn to trust life as it is happening.

By this practice we learn how to accept whatever is happening with compassion and kindness. As we learn to follow the path of least resistance, we end our suffering discover complete freedom from the mind.

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The Place

San Jose Insight Meditation group meet at the Friends Meeting House in San Jose. Those who are interested in their events and general happenings can contact the sangha for further information. The Sangha welcomes anyone interested in pursuing the path of mindful meditation. Insight Meditation also known as Vipassana is one of the teachings of the Buddha that has been flourishing as a living practice for the past 2500 years.

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Contact 408 2552783
1041 Morse St
San Jose
CA 95126
United States

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