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San Francisco Zen Meditation is a Zen community called Wind-in-Grass Sangha which was formed in 2009. The meditation group meets every Wednesday night in Potrero Hill, San Francisco and welcomes everyone without exception. Their goal is to help people cultivate a flexible and adaptable practice that fits their life, to transform how they react to things and experiences which cause suffering. If you're new to meditation and would like to learn about the practice, just let them know and they will provide you with introductory material about meditation. You can also contact them prior to your arrival to have a conversation about the practice.

Tradition & Practice
Kind of Place

Practice and Meditation

The practice is aimed to awaken you to your true essence and the world of which you make part of. This is a challenging process but the results are truly rewarding and beneficial for your general wellbeing. They also offer tea and share food while sitting in an informal way to catch up on each other's lives. Join the Wind-in-Grass Sangha to learn how to consciously choose how you react to life and cultivate space, peace and joy.    

  • Seated and walking silent mediation
  • Group discussions
  • Informative talks from Zen local teachers  

The Place

This urban sangha meets up in Potrero Hill, San Francisco which is easily accessible by public transportation with plenty of parking spaces on site. You will see a candle out front the chain link gate where you will find the group at the basement level of the Headstart Program.

Buses 19, 10 and 22 will take you within two or three blocks of the zendo. The 16th Mission and 24th Mission stops are the closest you can get and you can inform the group and they will send someone to pick you up. Wind-in-Grass Sangha gather together to meditate and organize presentations and talks from local Zen teachers. Together they discuss stories which teach them about the process of awakening and being in the present moment.

Lineage and

Contact 415 9028914
824 Carolina St Unit B
San Francisco
CA 94107
United States

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