Hazy Moon Zen Center

Los Angeles
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For anyone living or visiting Los Angeles they can find the beautiful Hazy Moon Zen Center. They offer classes, retreats, and more, to explore and deepen one's practice in Zen Buddhism. The beautiful and cozy looking temple is located near W 18th St and S Gramercy Pl, and can be accessed by car (with parking located on the street and on the property), public transportation, and by foot.

Tradition & Practice
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Practice and Meditation

The Hazy Moon Zen Center, in Los Angeles, practices Zen Buddhism which is a 2,500-year-old oral teaching carried forward one-to-one from teacher to student. They do this by offering zazen, or Zen meditation, and by helping one another as a sangha, or community. Also offered are: weekly Dharma talks by Nyogen Roshi, intensive retreats and regular classes to help you begin or refine your Zen practice. No matter how you choose to start, you are welcome to join as a member, class participant or guest.The space is a friendly and unpretentious place to learn firsthand about Zen Buddhism. More experienced practitioners can find the familiar grace of the Japanese Zen tradition, whose elegant form they follow.

The Place

The Hazy Moon is a lineage center, meaning that the Dharma expounded and maintained has been handed down through a continuous line of ancestors from India to China, Japan, and America through Maezumi Roshi and his successor, their teacher Nyogen Roshi. The Center temple is located near the corner of 18th street and S Gramercy Place. There is parking located on the premises but it is limited and important to utilize every inch of the space. There is street parking but can be limited as well so extra time is needed to ensure a spot if needed.

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1651 S Gramercy Pl
Los Angeles
CA 90019
United States

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