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The Boulder Morningstar Zen Center provides contemplative zen practice and experiential programming. Their objective is to raise awareness and promote compassionate and creative expressions to our global community. The Center was founded by Roshi Sanchi Shudo Reta Lawler, a fully ordained Rinzai Zen Buddhist nun. She has been leading contemplative retreats and Zen sesshin for over 35 years. Individuals can join in either via online weekly sessions or in person zazen practice in the park.

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Practice and Meditation

Boulder Morningstar Zen Center offer urban online retreats where they teach about silent illumination. Together, they cultivate a dynamic of deep and abiding retreat while exploring Ch’an teachings available for all kinds of practitioners. You can also join their weekly online sessions to deepen your zazen spiritual practice. Those who prefer to physically attend the sessions, can join the group at Thompson Park, Longmont.

People are advised not to wear black clothing, and to bring camp chairs or cushions along with anything else that they might need to keep themselves comfortable.

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The Place

The Morningstar Zen Center is located in Boulder, Colorado and is managed by an active Board, who serve as consultants to the development of the Center. If you want to develop and cultivate deeper expressions of zazen, join the community at Thompson Park where you will find a large circle dedicated for the practice.

All practice activities are held at The Barn in Colorado, unless another location has been chosen for the activity. Boulder Morningstar Zen practitioners sometimes gather together at various locations in Colorado to deepen their zazen practice. They organize weekly online sessions and retreats where they practice meditation. Beginners are welcomed to ask them any questions and they will provide instructions and guidelines to support your entry into the practice.

Their sessions include group reflections, studying, zazen, and also out-door practice at a designated location.

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