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The Atlanta Soto Zen Center is one of the largest Zen centers in North America which was founded in 1977. They offer morning and evening zen meditation, occasional retreats and all-day sittings known as zazenkai once a month. Beginners are provided with instructions to introduce and guide them to the practice of zazen meditation. Atlanta Soto Zen Center are affiliated with a network of centers within the city suburbs and also throughout North America and Canada.

Tradition & Practice
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Practice and Meditation

Atlanta Soto Zen Center focuses on silent zen meditation (zazen) and hosts daily and weekly discussion groups with an extensive library where you can borrow a great selection of books. They follow the Buddha's spiritual practice of meditation to help people awaken to their true nature of existence. The Center also offers a program and meditation instructions to prisoners throughout the state of Georgia. All services are free and everyone is welcome to join the Sangha.

  • Meditation
  • Retreats
  • Book Club
  • Chanting Services

The Place

The Atlanta Soto Zen Center is located at the beautiful center on Zonolite Place. Their spiritual leader is Abbot Zenkai Taiun Michael Elliston who was a disciple of Rev. Dr. Soyu Matsuoka-Roshi. Students who wish to deepen their practice can sign up for a residency program at the center.

Lineage and

Soto Zen is one of the major practices of Zen Buddhism and emphasizes the practice of zazen, or sitting meditation. By learning how to be still, we are able to realize our original nature and carry that experience into daily life. The founder of Soto Zen is Dogen Zenji from Japan and the lineage of teachers trace back to the the 6th Century Chinese Chan/Zen founder Bodhidharma.

Furthermore, teachers of this lineage descend from the historic Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in India over 2500 years ago.

Contact 404 5317070
1167 Zonolite Pl NE
GA 30306
United States

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