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Big Sur
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The Esalen Institute is a a holistic learning and retreat center located in Big Sur, California. It focuses on the development and exploration of the human potential. More than 500  courses, retreats and meditations are offered every year, taught by a diverse faculty. With its own farm, hot spring baths, art barn, lodges, research institute, and gardens Esalen is a hub for spiritual seekers.

Tradition & Practice
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Practice and Meditation

The practice at the Esalen Institute is not limited to one particular spiritual tradition. There are many different courses and retreats ranging from Meditation retreats and Gestalt Therapy to Spiritual Art Workshops. All focus on the healing and further development of its participants. The Esalen Institute also has a verity of online offerings like online courses, a podcast, live streams and a journal.

  • Meditation Retreats
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Workshops

The Place

Founded by Michael Murphy and Richard Price in 1962, Esalen became a center point of the counter culture. People like Aldous Huxley, Abraham Maslow, Joan Baez, and Joseph Campbell became frequent lecturers. The Esalen Institute is situated on the Big Sur Coast right between highway 1 and the pacific ocean. Baths, Meditation huts, Lodges, and many different other buildings are located at the 27-acre site.

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Contact (831) 667 3000
55000 Highway 1
Big Sur
United States

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